Saturday, 4 February 2012

Everything else can wait. Does it?

I have been thinking about something that someone told me days ago. There are some truth in the words, but I still don't get it. 

Some people say, "Just follow your heart and everything will be well", but there are also some who will tell you that "The most important thing now is to do well in your exams and everything else can wait."

Well, actually, I'm stuck at the phrase where they said, "everything else can wait." 
What do you mean? I can put those 'unimportant' stuff aside while I get my degree? But, I also know that when you lose a chance, it's never going to come back.

In another point of view, "Make sure you know what is important for you and what is not. Prioritize. Make the right choice for the better future." 

I'm sorry if anyone who is reading this don't get it. I'm writing in too many point of view. Because when I write something, my brain will think from another point of view that that made sense, and then when i wrote the 2nd point down, a 3rd point of view will be messing with my brain. I'm not delusional or anything, I'm just me. I think a lot of nonsense, and I  day dream alot. Alrights, back to the story.

Well, the other day, someone told me that I should stop wasting my time going to concerts, and also other non-academic stuff that is deemed unimportant to them. And I am the sort of person that never believes that academics will bring you far in life, and 'play' is more important. You see, we never know how long more do we have to live in this world. An average person may live up to 60, 70 or even 80 years, but there are also some people who passes on in their 20s, 30s due to various reasons. 

I dont want to be like the people who has regrets in life. I want to be able to eat the food that I want to eat, and experience new things when I have the chance. I also have some obsessions, like a famous singer, actor, etc. 

Back to the point.. The thing that make me ponder for so many ion days is that 'everything else can wait' phrase. Oh how many times I had said that in life, but reality is, not everything can wait. It felt like telling those people, "Our friendship can wait." 

Seriously, my experience tells me that nothing waits. If you miss this one chance, then you missed it already. Second chances may or may not come. Also, you don't want to grow old and tell our grandchildren that you had spent your life waiting and missing out on life because something else is more important right? The something else that is important to you now may not be important at that time already. So? You missed out on creating memories that could be treasured just because you waited for the next chance to come. 

Having said that, I hate it when people say, "There's always next time." If you give it a shot and you say that, then it's ok but if you don't do anything and you say that, I will begin to dislike you. 

Ps: there's so much more things that I had wanted to write, but then, i took a break and went to do my laundry and when i came back i forgot what i had wanted to say and that is why.... this post is so confusing and doesnt make sense. if anyone's reading lah. but i doubt it. see, im talking to myself again. 

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