Thursday, 20 October 2005


as u noe from my previous blog, i failed all my science mum even suggested for me to change school(something that she has been asking me to do since a few years back..i promised her but in the end i told her i wanna stay here i don wanna change..)now she suggested for me to change again.. i wan to do well in my examz too..i not sure y.. but ever since went to F1 i started to change.. not studying..just wanna play the fool..4 years in high skul and i dunno wat i have learnt..i 've wasted the whole of my 4 years in skool .. doing wat?? all i can remember is dreaming and playing the fool...i was very lucky to have passed my pmr..and now when im in f4..luck is not on my side...i noe that this is not my honeymoon year...i have to work hard to acchieve the best...but i cant concerntrate in my studies.. i donno y.. ive tried to study but each time i open the book i fell asleep..seriuosly,its no joke .. it really happen to me..even coffee which is suppose to keep humans awake at nite don workk on me.. i can sleep peacefully even if i had coffee rite b4 i open the book.amasing speechless...and also i often wonder y they put the very best teachers in the very best class .. while we, the not so smart ones got the not so smart teachers... it should be vice versa as dey, da smart students can study by a example,my skul add math teacher is .. haiz.. ive got nothing to say..i don think that she have the right qualification to be an add math teacher... she used to be my f2 khb i remember i was so surprise to see her in morning session.. i thought i saw the wrong person...haiz... she don even understand the question..and there was the very good teacher..who were appointed to teach the better classses...he came in for ganti for a teacher...den when he knows that we were really cacated in add math... he taught he was GREAT>...then i wonder why wasnt he our teacher,...after all.. we were the weaker ones..we need much help and guidance..unlike the smarter ones, they can understand it themself plus they have loads of tution..their brains move faster than why?? why they have to arrange it lik this...??

met a frens mum in skool today..thought of being polite by saying hi to her... but then we chatted and she started asking about my results...she loook dissapointed...and giv alot of advice such as study hard...its ur future..wat are u going to do if u continue to fail ur examz??.. i think that watever she said is true..i cant fail any of my subs anymore...haiz... wat can i do?? even mum is gonna grab the chance to ask me to go and study in penang...i don wanna go...wat should i do?? thanks to someone in msn...he gave me tips on how to improve my add math.. haiz...he a top student..and i hope i can really use his advice...haha....

i have lots more to write about.. but..lazy lar.. haha

so.. see ya...

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