Sunday, 2 October 2005

Went for shopping in fajar a few days ago while the others are kiasu-ing at home.. haha... exam coming oso i not sked wan.. still wan go out n play.. came home with a pair of jeans and 2 t-shirts... haha...waliao.. exam coming in 2 days i still not yet touch the book..yes.. i am very worried and afraid bout my exam but i cant concerntrate on my studies.. dunno y..haiz.. me = hopeless... haiz... some1 help me please... On the other hand, i cant wait for the exam to be over.. haha... lots of fun stuff to be done.... haiz..cant wait.... Lol... just crappin b4 i offline and face my examinations..wats the wrong with my connection today?? Suckx..

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