Saturday, 15 October 2005


wat a great day to start with.. haha.. woke up 7.30 this morning ... slept around 3 am las nite.. haha... wonder y i woke up so early ?? i tell u the answer rite now..

some idiot person turn on the music so loud at 7.30 am in the morning.. can u belive it?? its 7.30 am sunday morning.. where every1 shud be sleeping..if the song is nice then nvm alr.. but then .. the song sucks.. indian song.. im an anti indian song..then scold oso no use so i fight back lo..

i came down stairs then turn on my comp , speaker to maksimum, open all the windows in my room...n haha.. guess wat... that fella stop his music.. haha... then i oso turn off .. cause he;s not disturbing me edi.. n pity all those ppl who is still sleeping.. but then after a few minutes he start it again.. now even louder.. so i fight back again and he stop it... haha... im so happy... haha.. thats how i begin my day .. definately cheer me up today.. had been a lil down fora few dayz edi..ever since the exam finish..haven been smilin and laughin for so many days edi.. haha... im so proud of myself..a lesson for that fella to remember... wanna nia me?? not that easy?? u wanna act sakai i oso act sakai lar...dare to nia me?? u haven seen ME.. haha....

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