Wednesday, 14 February 2007

14 feb 07

been blogging in wretch everyday since the day i sign up... hehehe.. nothing to do and no where to go after coll but dunno y today cant open wretch de... got a lot chinese words i dunno read what it means.. watever,..valentines.. lol... wanna blog bout somethign that happen in coll actually...there's this girl i dun really like in my class...sorry but i cant help bout how i feel...alrite.. the story is lik this..someone got a bouquet of flowers today in class...and this girl i dun really like, lets name her Z..after she saw that gurl got her flowers.. i cud see and sense that she;s burning wit jealousy..and she kept eyeing it.. lol.. i know im bad... but i really dun lik her.. i dunno why...haiz.. mayb its my fault that i dun lik her... lol.. wahtever the reason is, i wont be seeing her for one week after this friday.. yay.. and and... 3 more days to go back sitiawan... i so so cannot wait for it...miss my long forgotten bike.. miss the ko lo mien.. miss my frens... miss everything back insitiawan.. except the noise pollution... lol...wanna sleep now...bye///

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