Wednesday, 31 January 2007

1st of january 2007

i actually wrote this early this month...

new year new begining. this new year opens a whole new chapter in my life. leaving sitiawan to continue my studies in a small island...well, i'm gonna be here for at least a year.. sob sob.. frens leave each other.. some went for NS, some went to work and many went to continue pre u studies. i nvr thought this day wud come so soon tho.. i am so not ready for this.. and now is not even a month after my SPM.. am i dreaming?? am i having nitemare?? i hope i am... but .. reality strikes and i suddenly realise that this is no deram. everything came so fast and i dun really have time to get mentally prepared.. haiz.. time past so fast that i din realise i have already finish spm and its new year already.. what happen?? i was too busy having fun and had no time to really think bout whats around me.. onli a month or so b4 the actual spm day onli i 'kinda study'.. life is suppose to be lik hell that time.. but.. i was stil having fun.. regret? not really.. cause i dun think of it much.. now, i onli hope that watever crap i've written for my exam will give me at least C.. all i need is just 5 credits..

xmas 06 is the most borinf xmas in my life.. its just like a normal day .. as tho nothing has happen..i did not even get presents...sigh...watever

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