Wednesday, 25 April 2007

im so bored, headache... lolx

LAN test > OvER!!
LAn presentation > OVER!!!
what a tiring day!
tmrw, IT report to do.
and ESL de dunno what have to pass up.
what jenny said is so blur and unclear.
how can i understand what she meant?
ardeena asked me to go to the library after lunch.
i forgot!!
i am realllly sorry yar...
what did i do?
went to gurney plaza for 1901 hotdog.
hehehe... i lurve it.
and then went to mph to look for the story book.
din manage to find it.
then went to popular to buy paper.
looking thru the cd..
and guess what i saw..
vick de album!!!
onli for rm16.90
i was so tempted to buy..
its so cheap for an ori cd..
so i got it. hehehe
i...lurve it too...
its kinda nice...
not kinda nice...
its NICE...
i cant say its superb..
sampai back disted.
totally forgot what am i suppose to do.
the presentation is kinda crap.
cant say is presentation.
just answer what he asked cause he wanna save time.
and the test..
more crap...
all tembak
during the free time in the morning, i told them i wan to go to do my IT report.
but then...
i end up reading blogs instead of doing IT. lol
i did do...
but just couldnt find anything on the net.
i am so DEAD.haiz
the kitten is kinda quiet this few dayz..wonder what happen to it.
it is the weather that affect it or is it because it has finally realise its sis/bro is not going to come back and play with it again...haiz....

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