Monday, 23 April 2007

pictures i got from sitiawan

perangkap tikus

those are plastic bags. used plastic bags.

what? im just too bored.

the two stupid lubang that produce stupid bird noise to lure the swiftlets in.
the owner is really stupid.
make ppl suffer.
in case u're wondering.
the name of the shop that particular owner owns is PAULA FASHION.
i shall not give more information.

The whole building. Ugly isn’t it?

the black dots in the sky are actually birds. some people like them. love them. adore them. because they earn them thousands of dollars each month. i think people like these idiots is willing to kiss or even lick the birds shit if they have to.

some people just hate them around. people like me. who doesnt get anything in return. but sleepless nights, loss of concentration on studies, mental pressure(imagine listening to super loud bird chirping for 24 hours a day, SEVEN days a week) and other effects that cannot be seen.

headache. headache. imagine facing SPM and this together. super duper loud noise in the middle of the night. you want to study. you purposely stayed up just to study for the very important exam. but you end up getting distracted by those noises. i just cant understand why they should turn in on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. dont the birds need some rest? why other people can turn off the 'wonderful chirping' noised at night but they cant? and they means the shop owner i mention in the previous picture. they're just pure idiots. money face. mother no teach. lol. i have anger management issue. i might change my mind and do a law degree instead of psychology next year. i wanna sue them!


baby flowers

i find this interesting for i dunno what reason.

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