Monday, 23 April 2007

im weird, i know it

i keep reminding myself that i must really reallly hand in the form today. but. i always forgot. i had it for like two weeks edi. how long will i have to keep it before i can remember to hand it in? i have memory problems thats y.

i couldnt sleep last nite. my mind keep thinking of stuff. nonsense. i cant help myself. it feels like the very first day of skol last year. when i was in form five. the verrry first day of skol, the nite before, i couldnt sleep. i just lie on the bed. thinking bout things that are not so important. i just cant help myslef but to think. and when i think toooo much i cant sleep? am i having any kind of sleep problem once in a while? miraculously, i can actually wake up this morning at 6.10am. wow. i think i onli fall asleep at 2 something. then i woke up again. feeling like i just closed my eyes for a while and not sleeping. watever. i just hope that it doesnt happen again. not being able to sleep is really scary. the more i think, the more i ask myself to stop thinking and thats when my mind refuses to stop and more and more thoughts comes to my mind. im weird i know.

i told myself i want to stop eating mentos. my frens in coll would know. i have mentos wit me wherever i go. i would start having mentos right from early in the morning. i always find excuse for myself to have mentos. im kinda addicted to that. thats bad. eventually, i manage to cut down and even manages to stop for one or two weeks. but today, i got another mentos again. well. im a mentos addict.

one of the stupid things that ran thru my mind last nite.
i cant tell myself to stop drinking milo.
its a MUST. and a NEED.
not a WANT.

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