Monday, 30 April 2007

彩虹天堂 [ rainbow paradise]

ren shi ni yi qian wo zhao bu hui zi ji
Before knowing you I couldn't find myself,
wo zhi dao ni gei le wo xi wang
I know that you've given me hope,
ke shi ni shen me dou bu yao
But you wouldn't want anything,
zhi yao shou zai wo shen pang
Just wanted to stay by my side,
pei ban zhe wo
Accompany me,
chuang zao le cai hong de tian tang
To create the rainbow paradise.

cai hong tian tang li wo men zai ao xiang
We sore in the rainbow paradise,
bu guan duo shao ju li he feng lang
No matter how long is the distance with wind and waves,
wo dou zhi dao
I know that
shi yong qi bian cheng le qi cai tian tang
is the courage that turns into colorful paradise,
mei li cang zhu wo men de ai
Our loves hide within the beauty,
ni de yen shen gei le wo wei lai
The look from your eyes had given me a future,
gao shu wo
Tell me that
ni ai wo ye cong bu li kai
You love me and that you'll never leave.

[repeat verse 1 & chorus]

If it wasn't for the understanding of true love from the smile,
I wouldn't even be in this rainbow sky.


Creating the rainbow paradise of us two.

a song sang by Vick Teo, from his first and latest album.
in case u are wondering who he is,
he's top 3 in the first season of Malaysian Idol.
i saw a rainbow this morning on my way to college.
Vick was my idol.

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