Sunday, 29 April 2007

i din post anything for the past 2 days.
i think im tired and a lil depressed.
i want to go back.
but i cant.
saturday is wasnt a good day.
i know i want to go back.
but i am stuck in this stupid place.
spend kinda the whole day at home doing nothing.
feel very down n frust and all the negatie things comes to my mind.
then went to queensbay for dinner and some window shopping.
got some books.
currently reading 'annie may's black book'.
its been raining, drizziling these dayz.
mayb it affects my mood in some ways too.
i wanna go back cause all my frens are back there this week.
this week's gathering may be the last one before everyone go study.
watever lar
this morning sleep till so syok.
11.30 only wake up..
very seldom got chance sleep till this late. ehhehe


huey said...

pity u..
cannot come back...
well this afternoon havin lunch together then go giant to buy things lo..
however, honestly la.. for me quite boring lo..
then now they havin dinner at 933..
i cant go..

tzeching said...

why u cant go lei?
at least u have lunch together wit them lor.
can say two weeks i din see u al edi lei.
tak biasa la like that.
altho got sms everyday
but hor
sms is stil kinda different from going out together mar
so sien lar

huey said...

cause boring lo..
dunno y i become like this...
feel like there's somethin missin there.. just dunno wat's tat..
like not so close d..
haih..for me only la..