Wednesday, 6 June 2007

First essay-like post...

Back to those when I was in the primary school, or maybe it’s the kindergarten or so, I can’t really remember. I really think that people in the TV could see me. And so is everyone who’s watching it. Yea, I know this sounds stupid. And all the time, when I happen to watch the news, I often wondered. How can they see everyone? I mean. I’m not the only one who’s watching the news. There must be many more others who are watching. Hahahha. That’s my stupid idea.

I came back at 9am this morning with the intention of completing ALL my assignments and study if I could. But, what actually happen is- I sat in front of the computer-reading people’s blog and slept from 12-1pm. That’s how I wasted my time. Then I had lunch and then I am back here in front of the computer again. I told myself I must do something. I look at the IT essay. What is the impact of databases on society? I googled up what is database and finished the first paragraph. Then I am totally clueless of what am I suppose to write more. Then I asked the question in Y!Answers. Then, without realizing, time past so fast and I had yet do finish anything. Now, after blogging this, I shall try and study. Psychology essay is already late, so I think I’ll pass it up next week. IT essay, I have no idea-next Monday I guess. Wasted like one whole week staring at the psychology essay already and I have no idea at all what to do.

Assignments piled up like nobody’s business-like mount Kinabalu. I dare say that in my whole entire life, I have never face so much work before. What makes it worst is mid year examination is just round the corner and I have no time to study at all. Wasted much of my time staring at the essays.

So cham right?? Haiz. Tank is coming to Penang today. 7.30pm at Gurney Plaza and 9.30pm at Halo Café in Juru Auto-City. Can’t go cause its at night. Lol. Besides, I have not much time left.

How I wish I could write just like that for my essays. Can crap all I want. Too bad this isn’t my essay. Tomorrow is another busy day. All this work makes me really tired and bored of doing SAM. Right now, I’m not sure whether the choice to take SAM is right. This is only SAM and I can’t really manage already. What will happen next year? I don’t dare to think of that.

I guess I end here today. Have to go any open the book and hopefully I wont fall asleep like I used to. The two very important essay I shall leave it till tonight. And eventually, it will be left until the very last minute. I doubt I will even get it done by next week.

Bye. Please pray that I can remember whatever I read/studied and not falling asleep after 2 paragraphs. Thanks.

ps: this blog look so different from other post right? most of the words are in full word and not short form. and got capital letter and stuff like that. lol. i shall try to blog like this in future. btw, i changed the template for my blog. im kinda bored with the okd template. wanted something new. but dun have the time to look for it. so here's a simple one. tata!


cryptic writer said...

Spend less our on the computer screen. That should solve your problems now =P

::purplegreenx:: said...

lol... thnks anyway..