Friday, 1 June 2007

i just did something stupid.. dunno i should call it stupid or smart or weird or combination of all of them..
i have a virus in my pendrive that i could not delete..
i cant do anything..
so i scan and copied all the files to my documents..
and then i format the whole pendrive..
and then copy the everything that was in my pendrive back to my pendrive again..
can this work?
i mean.. can i remove the virus in this way??
i hope i dun do more harm to my comp and my pendrive tho...
the noisiest bitch in my class got an offer letter for NS. lol..
and she kept telling ppl that she's from private skol..
'im from private skol so i get third batch"
at this rate u're telling ppl, the whole world knows ur from private skol edi..
i wonder how the NS could turn from a nightmare to worst..
what's worst than notemare, u think urself..
she decided not to go..
if she goes, the college will be realllyl peaceful...

homework, assignments, reportds,presentation,project ...
those lecturers pile so much of those just before exam and im not dying..
haven been staring on anything yet..
next monday is my deadline for my psycho report and i haven been starting.. i'll just have to do it on monday i guess...
another week and then its study break and then its mis year edi..
gonna die edi..
i cant fail.. i cant..
i'll take as much coffee as i can...
i'll start everything next monday..
now, im going back to sitiawan and enjoy for these 2 days...


crypticwriter said...

You'd better make sure that bitch won't see this post!

::purplegreenx:: said...

dun worry, she wont know this.. i doubt she even knows i existed. lol