Friday, 8 June 2007

this is written a few days ago...
kinda busy lately.
cant update so much..
so here it is

10:07 PM 6/6/2007
read gary's blog just now.
it surely cheered me up alot after what happened just now.
when dad went out at night, he found out that someoen broke into mu car.
not much losses.
only the coin box.
wanted to empty it this moring.
but i thought.
what the heck. if i empty it, then if i go mcd ma no small change lo..
so i sisnt..
and then the whole thing was stolen..
so cheap la this kind of ppl..
coin box also wan to curi..
take the risk break into ppl's car somemore wor...
back to gary..
after such a long time, he just realised that his cat 'princess' ling ling is a male cat..
im speechless..
how can he not confirm it all these time??

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