Friday, 6 July 2007

well, back to blogging bout my day...
today is kinda stupid..
woke up like every two hours last nite cause i cant sleep..
the acc test today is just so damn crap..
bout adjusting entries...
u know what...
i did wrote something..
but then when the teacher collected it, she say "dont bother to pass up..i say i want journal not a ledger.."
means i already lost all my marks before i pass up..
and then...
in IT.. the good news is that the teacher gives everyone extra 5 marks for the mid year exam..yippie.. but then, its still very low for me lor..
went to lunch after IT..
wonder why the college so empty wan.. i mean the cafeteria..
except for some students who are studying other courses..
and then...
dun care lar..
thought my accounting tutorial will be at 2pm today..
no one told me that they changed the time..
and it wasnt untill 1.30pm that i got to know the accounting class have been brought forward to 1pm..
what the hell..
its already like 30 minutes late..
dun wanna go in edi..
if not...
kena from her again..
so, im here writing this blog..
been online for bout 5 hours yesterday..
trying to do psychology essay and stuff...
but still din manage to finish it..
damn it..
if i know earlier, i go back better lar..
dun need to eat the not nice de food from the cafeteria...

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