Friday, 6 July 2007

the most stupid/weird thing just happen on my way home today..

i was driving quite fast but within the speed limit today..

and then, out-of-no-where, when i was about to get out of the tunnel near tesco or the teacher college, this big car came from the opposite direction and he/she was coming right at me.. i mean.. his/her big big car, coming into my lane.. and it almost hit my car..get what i mean?? i almost had an accident.. and judging by the speed of the car and also mine, its gonna be a bad one.. but then, thank god that driver managed to get back to his/her lane in the nick of time..
if not, not only he/she will crash into my car, the car behind me wont have any time to stop too.. he was too near behind me. wtf.. penang road so damn small some more wor..
me?? i took quite sometime to realize what has just happened.. u know lar.. I'm damn blur.. and i never thought that one day, I'll be the unlucky one.. all these time, i am the one who looks at other people and say.. "what the hell happen??" , "whose fault?" , "too bad..." etc....
now, I'm wondering, where am i now if accident really happens? what will i do?? i think it will take some time for me to recover from my shock and disbelieve. and by that time i realized that i wasn't dreaming, the driver must have fled the scene or whatever...

over paranoid
if i start to worry bout everything and start getting over paranoid, the best solution to prevent anything bad happening to myself is by not going out at all and stay at home.
but, if that happens, means staying at home is not the safest option anyway.
lets think of it..
if i dont stay at home and went out to somewhere..
  1. accidents might happen
  2. i might get robbed
  3. i might fall into the drain
  4. i might get kidnapped...
  5. the sky might fall and 'hempap' me and i 'penyek' --> choi!! touch wood..
hmm.. if i go out, and worry bout driving too fast and then cant brake in time and crash into a big lorry like what they show in advertisement, that may result in me driving super slow..
tortoise also walk faster than the speed of my car..
thats not a good thing too.. i might be a hazard to the other road users..
by driving super slow, im not making things better but maybe worst..
so, to all the people out there who is now driving like a tortoise, thing bout that..
are u making the road safer or more dangerous??

and then, if i stay at home...

  1. people might break into my house when i was sleeping and i become their 'tebusan' when they realise that someone see what they did and afraid that someone recognise their looks...
  2. tsunami may happen when i was sleeping and my house get swept away with me in it..[crap]
  3. due to my carelessness, the house may be on fire...

go out also kenot
stay at home also kenot
what is the best solution then???
just dont think too much lar..
if u really think this much or maybe more than this, i suggest u go and consult a mental doctor.
its not an insult or anything bad..
its just a suggestion...

by the way, im not like that ok? maybe im paranoid, but its just a very very minor thing..
when i do think this much is when my mind wanders a.k.a day dreaming..
but when my mind is back to this world, i just forget it..
i mean.. maybe it will still be in my mind but...
haiya.. i also dunno how to say lar...

ps :: i wanted to include a few pictures in this post at first. but then, i am dead lazy and all i did was type what i wanted to and post it. i wonder when will i not be lazy to post pictures in my blog. hahaha. cheers.. have a nice day..


Ida_Tan said...

haha!!u also nearly accident wonder my ji mui...but this is not ur fault...mine is really my fault....lucky i din kena hon

over paranoid!!!u noe u very lame anot???walau

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahahha... suddenly got idea write crap mar.. so ma write lo.. so long i no write blog edi...