Thursday, 18 October 2007

i miss my bike.
i miss cycling.
its been more than one year since i 'touch' my bike.
thanks to the road works in stw last year, and also the excitement of getting my license, i totally abandoned my bike.
since the road works are going on, it was dangerous to cycle, so i stop cycling.

slept bout 3am and woke up at 6am.
i slept 3 hours and i feel more awake than yesterday.
and then, after class, i came back, and force myself to sleep from 1.40pm to 2.30pm.
what the. by 2.30pm, i was lazy wanna rest my eyes more, i slept till 5.20pm.
walao. means i wasted the whole day sleeping like a pig.

finals is so near.
and i keep doing weird things like this.
i find that i do weird things when exam is nearing.

and. good news. for me.
i got my examination slip today.
means i can take my examination.
yea crap;
before this, i was worried that i am not allowed to take examination due to my 'perfect' attendance.

have IT programming skill test tomorrow.
don't have any idea how to start a programing pun.
hope someone can help me lor.


gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

WAH..u abandoned ur bike so long e ar...kelian ur bike..karat e lo..
eh..dunno y nt enuf sleep always feel more jin shen one also the same...
congrates wor perfect attendance still got ur exam slip...

::purplegreenx:: said...

ya lor... everytime i go back... i see the bike karat like bao bei bike.. and also.. the tayar.. like kenot use edi... u know lar.. put under the sun... like rapuh edi that type... i dun have any xin ching to go and touch it also... and i go abck also one day nia.. no time to go and touch...

mayb i slept like pig for 3 weeks edi.. thats why yesterday cannot sleep hahahhaha

hahahhaha.... u forgot the inverted commas
for "perfect attendance"

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

yalo..i forgot haha..nvm la u understand can e...
sell ur bike lo if like that..later become liability e..haha..if now still got value mus sell u sampai hati...

::purplegreenx:: said...

aiyoyo.. sell ah.. bu zhi de lar.. whatever bike hor.. second hand wan lar.. i think they terima bout 50 like that nia.. less than that also i think got.. i buy bout 500 plus lei.. like rugi sembilan kali ganda edi.. better keep there let the thing karat. hahahah

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said... least got back some money le..ish ish..u la dun wan appreciate ur bike..

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahah... eh.. de bike last quite long edi ok.. hahah.. u shud say.. i dun appreciate my things wan.. hahhaha

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...


::purplegreenx:: said...

lol.. i memang tau...
bukannya tak perasan..
u know la..
i ni kan...
dah biasa..
susah nak ubah...whahahha