Wednesday, 17 October 2007

don't u dare to laugh at this




小明说: “大家早安”。


小明 <> <> 妈妈不见了。

小明 <><>:“对不起,你有没有看见我的妈妈?

* “<>” means I don’t know how to read the word. Yea I wrote it and I say I don’t know how to read.

* the actual version i did has a whole lot of mistakes. =p

This was the corrected version, so there’s no mistake. If there is, then is my Chinese typing skill.

This is what I did this morning at home. Yea I was dang bored. So I try out the Chinese in my phone and sent it to sp, Ida, and tiff. But then, only two people with heart reply me. Turns out that I had a lot mistakes. Wakakak… me no skill de ok…


mr. rusty said...

haha.. first line adee got error adee lar... lol cant believe u woke me up with this story when i was sleeping so nicely this morning =.="

::purplegreenx:: said...

u mean the first line here or the ori wan? wei. i sms u that time alrd near afternoon ok. math class over edi. i cant blif u skip math class and u have like test tml.
hahaha btw.. sorry for disturbing ur sleep.

Anonymous said... a few mistakes leh..although my chinese also not very well but i noe the vege in chinese words is not tat word lo..hehe...nvm lar at least u try ma...jia you la...learn more from the chinese lyrisc u everyday holding de (get at i mean)..hehe..u so clever sure get de rite..hehe..


::purplegreenx:: said...

mag, really ma? dunno lei. thats the onli cai i know. hahha.
de lyrics i dun study everyday de lar... just that day onli. hahha

huey* said...

Should be '菜'..

::purplegreenx:: said...

eh ya hor.. hahha.. maybe i type that time i refer to the original version i type wan. not the corrected wan. thats why i feel weird why everyone say got mistake..

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said... at least u try..haha..

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahhaha... lol...
i think i should categorize this under things i do when exam is so so near.. =p

out of topic ..??

damn bored.. skill test postponed. chit!