Saturday, 27 October 2007

no electric part one

What the now don’t have electricity.

I think it’s the first time I experience bekalan elektrik terputus in penang lor.

Have to type in the dark.

Chit. Can feel the keys but cannot see anything.

The moon tonight is nice lor.

But too bad I don’t have my camera with me.

It’s now in china with my grandpa.

Now I realise why I hate sharing things.

Much more convenient if I have it to myself.

Can use it whenever I want.

Lucky my laptop batt is charged full full.


Some people so lucky lor.

Can go camping. No need so suffer here.

Lol. When I asked whether I could go to the camp, the answer I got will always be NO!!

Just because I’m a girl so I don’t get to go to camps.


(well well… not that I want to go so much anyway.)

Someone called and reported bout this.

Tnb says we have to wait for two hours.

I hope my laptop can last that long.


If you want to improve your typing skills, try typing in the dark.

It helps.

I guess.

For another one and a half hours, I will be the source of food for mosquittos.

Idiot betul.

Wanted to listen to songs using my laptop.

But then, now my ears are listening to some Chinese traditional music instrument.

Like the whole block can hear it.


The same song for the last hour.

Walao. Sien lar. Change song lar.


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