Saturday, 27 October 2007

part two

now, is the second hour of no electricity. What did I do for the last hour? Nothing much lor. Cant online. But still make full use of my lappy. Listening to songs; more like blasting songs into my ears, try making video for my friends to see; but too bad I cant find those precious pictures we took last time so I gave up. So, maybe next time lor hor….

Sit on the hard floor one hour already. Butt pain lei… back pain also lei.. what the… cant move anywhere else because this is the best place. Hahhaha. I sit here to block the wind from going in the house. Wakakka,

I’m looking outside; kinda bright got 12.23am.

I’m looking inside; can see shadows, candle light( too bad not candlelight dinner).

My big fat legs are now supper for those blood-sucking mosquittos.

I spend a few minutes to watch the videos I got yesterday in college.

They were celebrating I don’t have any idea what for the lecturers.

I happen to be in class.

So I recorded for fun,

Hahaha,,, Cynthia, I record already got watch de lei….

Then I start to wonder…

This whole year I have been unusually quiet.

From being one of the noisiest person in class to being the quietest person in class; .no comment…

I am so quiet this year that I doubt any of my classmates I never talked to knows whether I exist.

And I wonder more…

Will I ever miss Disted?

Those times here…those friends I made here…

Although not many, but at least I have some friends here ok?

Will I miss them?

I know this sounds stupid.

Will I ever miss Jenny’s non-stop naggin?

Its like.. I’ve got used to her nagging and cheong-hei from January till now..

And suddenly, no more nagging…

I need some getting used to..hahahah

And then, will I miss those faces I’ve been seeing everyday?

Hope not! Nightmare!!

The big big big question….

Will I ever miss this whole crappy year?

Another year has come and gone.

Sekelip mata.


Alright. Maybe I do say this every year. But this is the truth what.

What will I be doing next year?

The more important question would be…


Disted? Don’t want!!

Penang? Hope not!!

Kl? ….

Utar? Tak mungkin lar. My TER not that high….

I don’t want to be in Penang. I never wanted to be here. But, the final decision will be up to my parents lor..


chocolate@pple said...

lol~ u watched eh...
we can shake hands ade
i also turn frm noisiest to quietest..... haha~
if you goin HELP next year for psy, let me know yea~

::purplegreenx:: said...


u are the noisiest..
i am one of the noisiest...

got a bit different..

but the persamaan is
bising turn to tak de suara..

*shakes hand*

hahahha... im 89% sure im doing psycho...
dunno where...
let u know when i know

mr. rusty said...

sama je le..
in my high school days im the noisiest among all my friends, now... so so quiet.. haha.. i doubt if anyone knows us in this coll anyway. lol. ppl hv to think "hmm who's tiff?? which one??" or "hmm who is tze? got this person??"

sucky year. but at least we know each other's existence can adee.. screw the rest =P

::purplegreenx:: said...

hahha... i know ppl would say.. " who is tze??" ...

tiff, almost everyone knows u lar... always kena screw by jenny de...