Thursday, 15 November 2007


someone went back today.
chit didnt tell me earlier.
btw. she risk her life protecting my poster.

i believe. that poster is cursed.
it went through heave rain the first day she got that.
then today, she left the condo with the poster again.
and it rained again.
and then, it rolled on the floor of the bus.
all the way to the front.
it all has got to do with water.
RAIN..and the rolling part..
like represents..
river water flowing..
my poster has been through the wind and rain...
i hope i can get it in ONE piece lor...

btw. i had cravings for lu mien today.
not the pasar type wan.
the restaurant type de.
i miss my lu mien....

yesterday, i had the most brilliant idea.
what about a food hunt???
one day trip in penang.
its all about food food food....
then today i realise...
i cannot go lar..
if i go, my *ahem* 2-months-lose-weight-plan will go all de way down the drain as well.

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