Thursday, 22 November 2007

Christmas is coming

Merry Christmas..

Christmas is the time,
love is the reason,
not that far from bethlehem,
joy to the world,
o come all ye faithful,
o little town of Bethlehem,
winter wonderland,
we wish you a merry Christmas,
jingle bells/jingle bell rock,
twelve days of Christmas,
last christmas,
and the list goes on and on and on.......

i cant wait for christmas..
i even wrote an email to santa...
now santa very high class wan...
no need send letter already...just type email..
dont believe me?
show you what santa replied...

santa's reply.
i didnt know what i wanted..
so just simply tembak lar...
just go here to email to santa..
oh ya. in case u read that picture,
i lied about my age.
so does that take me out of the nice list??


mr. rusty said...

haha. lying about ur age to Santa? tisk tisk... He's not gonna be happy.. haha but let's hope Santa himself is a lil corupt so he won't put u in his naughty list. lol.

::purplegreenx:: said...

im sure santa wont realise it...,
wont it be odd for a 18 year old to email to santa instead of a 10 year old?