Friday, 23 November 2007

gross blended earthworm. yum yum.

my mum got me the detox thing e other day because she says i have a lot toxic in ma body thanks to Emily(my aunt).
k whatever..
after some 'research', we end up with this brand..
not too expensive..
nice taste (according to the pharmacist and the newspaper)..
only 7 days..(which is good because some other detox thing need 3 weeks.)

i supposed to have it in the morning and at night.
according to the book...
i had them in the afternoon and night.(macamler ada difference)

day 1..
the first time i had them,
i mix with ribena and shake it.
the book say no need hot water ma.. just normal water..
the result...
looking at the color makes me wanna puke..
serious wan..
and it looks like those 'blended earthworm in fear factor'..
i am not kidding..
taste like that too...i think...
sucks la wei...
i had to rely on my trusty mentos after i drank the 'blended earth worm'...

day 1, night.
this time it doesnt look like blended earthworm anymore..
look like er... yellow blood cells....
crap.. but its still kinda disgusting...

day 2, afternoon..
i dun care edi...
dun wan torture myself with blended earthworm..
so i put hot water..
and shake it...
the result almost same..
but taste much better...

i learn my lesson..
never mix powder with normal water....


mr. rusty said...

i thought got many other "flavoured" detox stuff? like coffee flavour, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate... no meh?

*p*u*r*p*l*e*g*r*e*e*n*x* said...

for the brand i bought, only got lemon flavour lor.
eh. it gets better