Sunday, 23 December 2007

wrote this on 18th dec

I cannot sleep. I cannot go out. I am so bored right now. I am damn awake in fact. Trying to type this thing in the dark. I cant turn on the lights. They’ll know I am awake and starts questioning me. Haiz. I turn on the radio. All the songs I heard is like sad songs. Right. That’s what I need now. chit. Haven been writing my diary for quite some time. life here is the same everyday. Nothing to talk about also. Haiz. Back to the topic. I am so damn bored right now. I think some people are already in the ladang getah to menoreh getah lor. Dead. So hungry right now.
Since I am so boring and I cannot sleep plus it’s a few hours away from sunrise, I’ll just talk crap lor.
Wake up at bout 9 something yesterday morning. Saw message from cyn…. She said she called the coll. So I also call for fun la. Although I already know what they’re going to say. Lol. And then I went down to bath and watch tv. Went to fetch bc and then to ks house lor. To online and check whether the results were out or not. Supposed to be going for bowling at 1. but then some people don’t want to go. So cancel lor. Had instant noodles for lunch.. first time in a few months. I think. And then went to sleep like a pig. Then went out for dinner with them. Hahah. West connection not open. Walaoeh. Drive all the way there but its not open. So we ended up in the steakhouse near the already closed klg. Walaoeh.. ks say they serve their food very slow de..but I don’t expect to wait for like one hour for my spaghetti lor. Dinner was served at like 9.30pm. omg. Whatever…drop by mcd for a sundae before coming back. So sien lor..
And now I am here writing this crap. If anyone bother to read lor.
Oh ya. My plan isn’t working at all. It wasn’t even started yet.
Another thing. I might be going back to studies in less than two weeks time(assuming I had enough TER to continue lar), minus the weekends. Fuck. I cannot decide. January or May? January will be a lil too early. May will be a lil late. But then… may is like just nice lei………smack my head pls someone……
Ayam sudah pun lama berkokok. Tapi matahari belum lagi terbit. Saya masih belum lagi tidur.
These few days hor…………
I day dream a lot lor………………………
During the wedding dinner, I drop the food I was biting cause I day dream…….i think...
When I was eating pizza, I dropped the knife……cause I was thinking..
And many more other incident. Lol.
But the weird thing is, I don’t know what the hell was I thinking.
Getting more blur day by day lor. …
Change topic.
Rynn concert was ok lor. Nice nice… I like cause it’s a small concert. Not like those big concert where some people have to stand. Hahaha. I was dead tired when I went to the concert… alright. I wasn’t excited for the concert. I think the main purpose I went is to see jj. Lol. Crap. Hahah.. concert is like one or two weeks ago. So don’t wanna talk much about that……..

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