Friday, 21 March 2008

dream journal

i dreamt

-:- the night before last night
i dreamt of .. err.. okay.. i remember.. i was back in sitiawan or something... and i was eating from morning till night... i was having breakfast.. and then i was so tired and i eat so so so SLOW, that when i finally finished my breakfast, Lunch Time is here... so everyone else came to the dining table...and we had lunch! yeah... then i was again eating so damn slowwww.. that when i finished, its time for dinner..

i woke up that morning, i feel scared... how can someone sit in at the dining table and eats from morning till night?? from sunrise till sunsets...

omg thats freaky lorr...

-:- last night
i dreamt of...something..omg i cant rmbr now.. oh ya... i dreamt that my mum and dad and grandma and grandpa suddenly come to visit me. and my dad was in my car when i first saw him. he say he was testing and see whether the car stereo system was working anot. then dad, me, uncle, mum and bro went out to this dunno what place. on the way, i saw shooting stars. yeah... liu xin yu.. omg.. so nice.. then i make ONE wish.. guess what?? i wished that i get good grades in the finals.. yeah i did that... i couldnt believe i made THAT wish.. even in my dream.. omg...

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