Friday, 21 March 2008

look and understand and make up the story with your own sentences

got them in the email. thought it was kinda cute. so i shared it here. cause i am so lazy to send it to everyone. lol.


look at this.
i am so PROUD of myself.
i woke up at 2 something in the morning to do my ECONS essay.
and i finished it at 3.30am
i typed it in the laptop first, then copied it in the paper.
thought it was not long enough..
but NOOO
it was too long, i have to leave one whole paragraph out.
and i didnt even typed the conclusion.
and so, i hand it in today, without the conclusion.
omg i never thought i would write two pages worth of ECONS essay.
i know i know...
xcuse me, im ss-ing..
sp if finally done with her tests..
update update!!!

ohhhhh yaaa...
grandma called and asked me to go back on the 29th.
so i have like ONE week to lose weight.
i said i wanna go back on 29th the other day, and she say no.
now, she asked me to go back.
and i MUST go back.
ching ming ma..
anyways, gonna see my cousins =)
and i seriously have to lose weight.
or else those kay poh people will be like..
"ching ching, u seem fatter now, compared to CNY"
wht the hell..
all i could do is just smile.
it is disrespectful to answer back.
considering that i am a bit rude when it comes to answering this kind of comment.


gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

yea v going back s'wan..i'm going back on 28 on the fri...
hey u wrote so long..proud of u too!!
yea..finish test!! updated!!!
u everyday said lose weight..but did u take any action? i doubt....
u like to c ur cousins?
i wan kompiang!!!!

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

how come u go bac friday de.. how u go back?? taxi ahh?? ish.. friday my class till 1 lei.. if can go back friday.. then got one night to rest.. then saturday got one whole day to see u all lei...

walaoeh u finally update...*tears flowing edi* too gan dong edi... hahhahha.. lol

where got everyday say?? just everytime go back if got celebration time on li i say ma. cause see those kay poh reletives la.. hahhaa...vry long din see my cousins liao lo..but see them also i wotn talk to them de lor..hahah

come my house.. still got small ad big kompian gin the freezer.. eatable..i think i buy in january one..hahahha

gNIpGnehSWa-GNoHzuYnNyR said...

ya lo..too bad is around 1 0r 2 ma..i also nt sure my class till when one...

lol..dun so gan dong le..hehe

oh jus wan to c them

eeyer..throw it away ba...geli betul

mr. rusty said...

hey dear, will u be going back stwn during June/July?? i wanna go la.. for makan purposes.. but need tour guide LOL.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

owh.. ish... i have to wait till saturday oni go back very tiring lei like that.. ishh...


yeah..too long din see them ma. even cny also din see them lei..

wat so geli?? hahah. btw.. not i buy de.. my uncle ask me buy de.. actually i tink... can still eat wan lorrr...

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

tiffy, u comin to stw?? i have one week break... ermm.. the FIRST week of JUNE... then july no break edi

Winnie C said...

Come find me

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

make sure u r free on saturday.

mr. rusty said...

lol, i'll probably be coming back 3rd week of June.. =(

btw, stwn food can sapu all in one day? =D

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

erm should be able to.. if u cud eat and drink like my dad's frens.. hahah