Sunday, 9 March 2008

election 2008

for the very FIRST time in MY history, i actually follow the news on who won the election, who lost and got kicked out, and was sms-ing thru the tensed-nail-biting period when some of the results are out and some were just still counting.

sms-es flew in bout unofficial news, the TV were turned on to those channel with election news update, the laptop were turned on, hoping and waiting for the latest news. and i actually stayed up till 2.10am to follow the news.

the results were extra-ordinary. all these while, i thought there's no need to catch the news, BN will still win anyway.. but then, last night, it was different. the opposition secured much more seats this time, taking over 5 states in malaysia.

some of the ministers lose their position in the state or district level (whatever), and thus, they cannot be ministers anymore.. at one point, i thought that there will be a big big change in the government (the opposition take over or soemthing).. but then, in the end, BN still win the parliamentary seats by more than 50%.

so, the current government is still under BN (pardon me if i give any wrong details clueless about politics). and BN din manage to hit the 2/3 of the parliamentary seats, so they have no *errr* kuasa to pinda the perlembagaan unless they get support from the opposition party... ( so?? no idea how is that important)

oh ya. only this morning i realise. the opposition means DAP + PKR + PAS + whatever other parties. he he. i know. im SLOW. haha

in conclusion, what the hell am i havin a post on politics? omg. i cant believe i wrote this. =)

ps: this is the last election where i masih tak layak vote. next election, will be my first time LAYAK voting. he he. saddd.. im getting OLD

forgot to say. now, i see democracy really do exist.
democracy - by the people, for the people.

[edit again:]

this came in the sms..

Except for the constitution of Sabah, Sarawak, Malacca, and Penang, all other state constitution provide that the MB must be a Malay. This means that in Selangor and Perak no matter who holds the most seats, the MB must belong to the Malay community

to be edited later on if i have any more comments.


mr. rusty said...

lol! omg we're all the same, this year is the first year i FOLLOW on abt politics in our country. some more i pergi do research on this and that. haha! was NEVER interested in politics.

hmm what does MB means? Menteri Besar or smtg? u know actually DAP won over a LOT of states. but in the end, dunno how can BN recall those states. so now only Penang is DAP!! woooh!!

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

high 5!!

u miss malaysia too much is it?? chao to aussie edi stil so care bout the elections. heheh..
i wan NEVER EVER interested.. lol

MB = Menteri Besar...
what u mean BN recall those states??

mr. rusty said...

haha BN like, resume its "ruling" over those states la. like i remember that i think Melaka or smtg, DAP won most votes. but then, dunno why in the end Melaka still belongs to BN..??
what's up with that?

oh yeah, latest news, heard my sis say that, the 2nd bridge from BW to PG is going to be DISCONTINUED in building process. the reason being, BN tak syok DAP won PG, so they refuse to give fundings for the construction of 2nd bridge!! dunno if this rumour is true or not, but if it is... BN is playing DIRTY!!

Winnie C said...

I followed too! So syok

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

erm.. really?? im not sure bout melaka.. din follow..
i know dap won most seats in perak.. but then pas got the mb post.. cause of the state constitution rule thing..

i thought the bridge thing, they already said before they lose... if the opposition won then they would not continue building the bridge.. i heard over the news just now, there's a guy saying "since the opposition has taken over, then let them manage themselves"

something like that la.. if i din translate out of topic.. hehehehe

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...


u're here!!!!

hehehhe.. lol...

mr. rusty said...

WTF. all the funds are with them. as in FUNDS for developing our country as a whole. NOT funds that are only entitled to BN and the previous government or watever. THEY SHOULD FREAKING GET IT STRAIGHT. if they say things like that, they are obviously NOT interested in bringing Malaysia a step forward. its all just shameless, public selfishness that work only for their pig-faced self-interests.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

ic. tiffy, sigh..