Sunday, 9 March 2008

yesterday, we went to sg wang. i was just telling someone that my mum will not ever go to sg wang. then we went. lol. what a total opposite of what i said. alright. i wanted to buy something and my uncle suggested sg wang. so all 6 of us squeeze into the normal size waja and off we went to shop shop shop. i am the one who is supposed to buy lots and lots of stuff, but end up my bro bought more than me. lol. unfair la wei. hahah. i dont care la now. lazy wanna argue with him edi. i grow up edi. i wont argue with him anymore. unless .... who knows.. hahahha

ish... geram larr.. why yesterday go sg wang?? why not to day??? why why why why why!!!!!!
i suggested we go today...

V: why? why u wan go on sunday?
T: nothing
V: sure got somehting one. tell me why first...
T: nothing larrr..forget it la...
M: ohhh i know why ediiiiii....ur gary is gonna be there....
*ish.. in the end.. went on SAturday also wat,...*

right, then after sg wang, we were looking for a place to makan.. went to jalan alor area, no stalls were open at that time, then went aroudn there.. nothing much to makan my uncle was saying there's a foo chow restaurant nearby. and we went cause we wanted to taste the originality of the food there.

turns out they have quite nice food. not too bad for a foo chow restaurant in kl. but then, its a foo chow restaurant in KL. so, its not that original after all. for the red rice wine noodles, they use hong zhao insted of red rice wine for the soup. the fish balls were.. not bad, quite nice, but still different from what we got in sitiawan.

turns out that the owner is originally from foo chow province in china. he came to malaysia when he was 16 and has been doing business for 51 years already. i notice there were 5 earings on his ears. two on one side and three on the other side. i do not even have ONE. lol.

and my complaint bout that place is... THE BARLEY I ORDERED NO TASTE LARRR...

right, after testing out the food there, we went to see the condo in changkay view, near mont kiara. that place is quite nice but a bit too far i think. altho its just beside the highway, but we have to go one whole big round just to access to that place. and the sales person is a lil too unfriendly, i dont know why. maybe he's been working for the whole day already. whatever.

then, we came back home.. ahhh.. home sweet home...


today, we were supposed to go out shopping. grandma said we can go out as soon as she finishes cooking. but in the end, no one wants to go out, so only me, my mum and bro went. supposedly, we wanted to go popular to get his stupid online games card and then my tea and then come back. we end up going for pretzels (idiot make me walk so far), and also my mum did some shopping.

dont need to say where we went. i only know how to go to ONE shopping centre. ha ha.
its my SUSHI place. lol.

alright, came back at around 4 something. drop by ss15 just to get kaya. lol. then, my parents and bro head back to penang. sigh. i feel so so bad for making my dad come all the way here cause he's sick. sighh.. sick also have to drive so far down. and. i feel sorry for grandpa. he he. my grandma is here, so grandpa have to go with roti and his oats for ONE week. last friday to Next sunday.. sorry.. =(

alright, this two days, i seriously had too much too eat.

from one and the half meal a day to a full 3 meals a day.
omg. after this holiday. im gonna be fatter...

i will not eat.
i will not eat.
i will not eat.
i will not eat. that much.

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