Friday, 30 May 2008


as much as i hate being in penang,
i am actually looking forward to my trip there..

the power of delicious FOOD..

those who know me would know why i hated so much to even be there..
it brings back all the bad memories..
the white coll(errrrrrrkkkkk)
the liFe there(stooopp!)
omg i am so gonna have nightmare later...

i am so looking forward for LAKSA and also TOM YAM MEE...
i dont think laksa is possible..
but whatever, it keeps me my spirits up...
i AM going penang this saturday..

and i am gonna get thru TWO days there.
no sweat.
its just two days.
what could happen??????

ps: i dressed Gabriella up. then i realise, Gab and Mint has the SAME top and bottom and sandals. the only thing different is just the colour.

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