Wednesday, 28 May 2008


patrick. cute kan?

a red day in college.

i like this pic, i dunno why....

to art class we go... hehehe

made out of mentos wrapper.

spotted outside Taylors.

heavenly LAKSA @ pasar kg koh

kam puan mien

freshly baked kompiang...

i woke up, open the curtain, window was like this,

so i did this....told u i went to art class before..

some say, it looks like a little girl...
some say, it looks like jelly fish...
i say, its a smiley face larrrr....

telur ayam kampung and telur ayam biasa...
can u tell the difference??

tiffy, this is for u actually... =)
happy bday!!

hoi! very glaring la idiot!!!

this is how the study room looks like, esp when i have holiday and spend most of my time here..........

omg omg.... cheese baked rice again... yumm yumm

frozen bak chang...
it is not save to comsume...
unless if u want to have diarrhea..


mr. rusty said...

LOL ur room looks pretty neat compared to mine. =/

oooo eh kompiang looks SO GOOD!! do they have it in Pg?? do they do they? or only in stwn? =( damn sad.. now i really wanna go stwn for a day trip d. LOL.

AND I AM STARTING TO MISS LAKSA AGAIN!! cannot tahan d lar. 3 more weeks and i can finally be in food paradise! yayyyy!!! cant wait cant wait

mr. rusty said...

ps: thnx for the bday wish dear <3

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

firstly, that is not my room laa.. my room.. omg i think u'll faint if u see it.. thats why i din post it here... hehehe.. thats oni the study roommm

sorry la dear, kompiang oni can be found in sitiawan... =)
come la to stw, then i bring u to makan.. seafood =)

im gonna go for tom yam mee next week.. wheeeeeeee