Wednesday, 28 May 2008


whats with peoples and weddings anyway?
i believe, wedding is one of the way for couples to show off...
and they give the impression that its so easy to find the one...
do u really need to be married and have mr. right/ mrs. right to be happy??

ps: i know this post sounds so damn emo, but i cant help it,the thought bout wedding crossed my mind all of a sudden =)


mr. rusty said...

yeah i think marriage is a way for couples to show off. so in other words, even if i find Mr. Right, i'll only have like a HUGE & FANCY wedding party if he is:
1. drop dead gorgeous & good looking (otherwise no point showing off)
2. filthy rich (so he can pay for the wedding larr.. otherwise how to throw fancy party?)
3. treats me like im everything (this can be only during the wedding lar, lol i dun really expect any guy to have me on his mind like 24/7.. that's borderline creepy d)
4. can make the HOTTEST girl in the room JEALOUS of me. (that's my ultimate goal and "test" to tell me i married the right guy. HAHAHHAHAH)

if i happen to find a Mr. Right who is none of the above then its gonna be like a quiet wedding. and sorry no champaign. =( and im gonna keep it as quiet as possible. like only family & friends know abt it.. but might not know the background of the guy lar.. gonna keep it a mystery and then im gonna migrate to some country like Canada or NZ where NO ONE knows us. LOL.

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

if i am to get married(which i doubt i will), its not gonna be de super duper big event where most of the people who attended are people whom i never see

i'd like a private quiet but fun wedding..

heheheh.. lol.. and only close frens and frens knows bout it.. lol

i think larrrr... but when the time comes, i might change my mind and become those show-offs for one day =)