Wednesday, 28 May 2008

i've finished

i proudly announce, i HAVE FINISHED reading Chinese Cinderella in less than TWO days.

Chinese Cinderella, is a true story of an unwanted daughter. She has seven siblings all together in the family, including one brother and one sister from her father's second marriage.

She was blamed for bringing bad luck because her mother died shortly after giving birth to her. No body pays attention to her at home.

Her father, didn't even remember her name or her birthday. Not even her name. Come on la...

Through the years, she gone thru neglect, abuse (physically and mentally) but she stayed strong. If i was in her place, i don't think i will get thru all that...

She topped her class and excelled in her studies. And she studies whenever she have the time to. No one cares anyway. So in order to hide her sorrows and pain, she does her homework and study as soon as she got home.

I say, this is truly a touching story. I feel its even more touching than Ps I Love You.

In my own words:
Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work hard.
The future holds no limit.
If you give it a try, you might stand a chance. But if you were not try at all, you stand no chance at all and it means that you have already given up.

Now, if I am this fast in reading Pindah, Arjuna Hati, and Lepaskan Aku Kembali Ke Laut Jilid 1 & 2...

ps: Chinese Cinderella is less than 250 pages =)
plus, its in simple English, not those bombastic kinda English, so anyone will enjoy it...
as in, you dun need to open the dictionary looking for words you don't understand so many times...

pps: is this considered a book review? if it is, then this is the very first time doing it..wheeee...!!

ppps: Harry Potter is going on 50% discount at Popular Bookfest in KLCC...damnit...NOT FAIR LA.. somemore is the limited edition kind...

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