Saturday, 14 June 2008


"Is this what you really want?"

if i really Have the right to decide,
i wont be here today la k..

and now only u ask me if this is what i want....
who am i to say if this is what i want anot?

i say i don't want econs and accounts..
but who listened?
no one.

the fucking answer u guys gave me back in December 2007 was:

"you better decide before she decides for u"

and then, u gave me like TWO days to decide..
or being decided, which will end me up in the same place,
maybe doing something i hated more than this.

if i have the right to decide and go on with my OWN plans at the VERY first place,
i wont be here doing all this stupid stuff la..


what other choice do i have?

:: i dont care who u are,
just dont talk to me in those
"u-r-so-disappointed-and-frustrated-with-me-and-my-results" tone
and also ask
"is this what u want"

u know this is NOT what i want.
u all know.

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