Sunday, 15 June 2008

i find malaysians are so creative when it comes to things like this lorrr

omg.. to have so many children.. omg.. his must be fucking all his wives every nights mann...
imagine having one child is like so suffering edi..
errrk...the wife have to give birth to like approx 10 each..

and, with the cost of living increasing and salaries/wages staying the same, this guy must be damn rich mann...

25 year old agree to marry a guy who is old enuf to be her father..
not for money then for love?

can someone actually LOVE four persons at a time??

its like, omg... people with one wife also find so much trouble edi... and he now has FOUR.

omgosh...he wants two or three football team isit??

omgggg.... 40 children.. 40 divide 5 = 8 BASKETBALL TEAM


purplexity said...

Well, if a person's religion ALLOW (and therefore ENCOURAGE) him to LOVE FOUR wives at once, I suppose that's possible, although it's something many people will frown upon. Like a proverb goes : it's 'Better to be guilty in the eyes of men than in the eyes of God'.


ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

i suppose so.. lol..

btw, seriously, can have 8 basketball teams, if play 3 on 3 lei.. got two pemain simpanan in each team summore