Friday, 24 October 2008

goodbye L3 & hello finals

my life in taylors unofficially ends today...

well, its been a year.
TEN months to be exact.

the day i stepped in L3,
i was late for class, and the first class was Malay and i know no one at all...

then next class, i saw someone familiar,
someone from sitiawan...


*pictures are uploaded in facebook*


well, i guess its the time of the year again,
exams and festive season almost coincide with each other..
and when there's exam, we wants peace and quiet,
and when there's a festive season,
there would not be any peace and quite,
so, here it goes again.. trying to digest in the midst of fireworks and firecrackers, and homemade bomb...

anyway, i'm still in the midst of trying to study and digest.. err at least concentrate..
i cant stay focus.. alrite..

this whole entire week i have to:
. focus
. concentrate
. have really good memory
. really focusing

ok crap... anyway, mum and dad coming down tml.. so...

they'll kill me if they see me online again.. hmmmph....


the question of the year:

will i or will i not make it through this time????

ps: pray 4 me plssss... thnx

pps: "never say i don't know how"

ppps: "believe"

pppps: "be positive"
(for those who know, positive aint me.. i'll try)