Monday, 20 October 2008

might as well kill me ... i cant study haizzz

its the last week of college and now only i skipped the whole day of college.
how sweet. duh!

today, i woke up late.
an hour late. and i skipped college.
i thought it would be productive.
but how wrong i was,...hmmph...

i woke up, i read a bit... and i forgot what i read..
then i went to shower and go out to buy food...
in bukit jelutong, there's only mamak..
i went to the nearest... but then i changed my mind and went all the way to the other side of BJ.
then buy rice from mamak and then back to the place i went before..
wanna go see doc.. cause i thought no one would be visiting the doc at this hour of the day..
i was damn wrong again...
the whole clinic full...
went back.. stopped at community hall and pick up some food..
junk food..

then back home..
i travel 20km just to find food wth..
then eat and newspaper...
and then went to grab my books...
in front tv.. on tv..
nice showw...
watch show... im kinda hooked on hbo these days.. stupid..

then by the time it finished alrd 3pm..
slept till 4. thanks sp woke me up..
wake up.. look at the pile of books, went back to sleep till 5..
heavy rain... the other room was leaking.. look for baldi to takung the water...
wtf... how can a house leak??

then it was online.. till now... wtf

no study. no homework.

i so dead.

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