Saturday, 4 October 2008

the whole entire week

im back from stw (haiz)...
means have to go back college soon..
super sian...
dont like study, dont like college, dont like exam, dont like assignment...


Supposed to come back yesterday night, but then I have discussion today so I couldn’t come back yesterday. Hmmph. Came back with bee chyi and mun synn today, bout 4pm. Mun synn drove all the way from my house to stw leiiiii….

Anyway, we went to pasar Ramadan to cari makan as soon as we reached. And I finished the food before I even reached home. Hehehe another bad driving habit. I don’t drink and drive, I eat and drive.


Wake up 12.30pm today. Hahah last night watched movie till 4am maaa. Then only I sleep. Omgosh, I continued watching under the canopy of love from where I left it last year. Hahaha… so sweeeet…. Planned to watch till ep 16 then continue today, but then I cant stop myself can continued till ep 19 half. Hahaha

Was at home the whole day and doing nothing. But eat. Lol…

Continue under the canopy of love and then finish liao.. omgosh Kevin Cheng so suaiiiiii!!!!!


I woke up early to go church. Its been a while since I went there. Okay I walked in the sanctuary, then looking for a place to sit but then, an usher come and asked me to sit somewhere at the back. Anyway, was alone so it doesn’t make any difference. One thing I really like and hate bout me going to Sunday service is that the ushers are sure to ask me whether I am a first timer. Lolxx.

After church, talked to winnie for a while then went to fetch grandma from another church and went for breakfast. Then went to take money, im broke wth. Went to Watson with the intention to buy ONE facial cleaner. But then I ended up with one kinder joy, one pink thingy, and FOUR salonplas. Wthhhh..spent RM32. shiet.

After that went to looking good to find food. Chicken rice for lunch. But then don’t have today, so went to kg koh to get the chicken rice I like.

Came home, do nothing and then have lunch and went over to ee’s place to ‘car big bomb’( learnt fron chui san)…

Walaoehhhh…from 2pm till 5.30pm I was doing nothing but trying to sleep while they talk.. no one smsed me at that time too so damn sien weh…

I didn’t manage to sleep, went out to take some pictures but then, my camera battery decided to die on me. What the hell.

And then came home, I ate and then was happily watching TV and ida smsed me and ask me to go out for dinner. I just had too much to eat so I just went out for a drink. Six of us went out, then it was quite early when they finished eating. 9.51pm. hmmm… I didn’t want to stay at home for the whole night, and I suggested mcd. Went there and talked till like 12.30am…till my grandma called. Haizzzz…

Before mcd, I went home to change car. Wasn’t too used to driving big car. Mum called and lectured me bout going genting. Ask this and that. If there’s guy going then I cannot go. Walaoeh like I can control whose going?? Lol… if like that, why last time don’t want to send me to convent and turn me into a lesbian?? Then I wont see guys for the rest of my life. Lolx.

At mcd, hmmmm… learnt a new game from those form six ppl… its fun when there’s big secrets to know…was a bit too tired at that time. then I kinda wasn’t thinking properly and asked some really overly sensitive questions. =( I’m really sorry kay I didn’t know its real.

Then came home and do nothing.

Ps, sometimes, I wish my family wouldn’t treat me like a 3 year old. Hmmm…. Come on, I’m 19. Anyway, since they wants to treat me like a 3 year old, then I shall act like a 3 year old. Thou shall never complain about those MCD Happy Meals, that Kinder Joy I bought because of the toys, and whatever childish thing I do. You are the one who treated me like a 3 year old (but im physically 19 years old), don’t blame me for acting like a 3 year old. You started it.

The Rest of the Week
*continue later*

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