Wednesday, 12 November 2008


i went college at usual college time this morning cause i thought there would be no parking.
but i was a bit wrong...


i bought nasi lemak from the stall outside Asia Cafe. then i went to lepak in asia cafe cause i thought the library would be filled with people. took out a book and put in front of me. my phone on the book. (i dont do this in public places like AC but then there were not many ppl then so i did that). when i finish eating and drinking (yes, alone) my phone was still on the book right in front of me. got one indian uncle walk past my table.. seems like rushing somewhere.. with char koays... then he patah balik and walk towards my table.. he reminded me not to put my phone like that cause people can simply walk past to take it away..

i dont know what you guys think but i thanked him. cause he was being polite and all.. and even turned back to warn me to take care of my stuff in places like this.. i said thanks and he walked away...

like not many people will do that.. most people will close one eye and walked off.. since its not their phone so what if its stolen.. not thier business right.. hmmmph..

whatever happen this morning, it reminds me that this world still got good people de..hahahha


i went to the library. it wasnt that packed.
i was wrong.


i went to tuition.
the girl next to me was late so she got my notes.
i hope she comes tomorrow.


after tuition, i sent my lappy to the comp shop.
walaoeh its heavier than carrying baby ok.
something's wrong with the wireless..
the guy dunno do what.. then say my windows is corrupted..
cei, he did nothing also.. still got same prob..

after sam, i gonna have to upgrade my ram to 2g(according to ly)..
then i gonna change it back to my ori vista..


i'm so gonna ta pao vietnamese food tml


ohhh yaaa.. my uncle said i looked pale.. i wonder, is it because i did not have a proper dinner???
i had lots of milo and a bit of bread and biscuit..

he didnt believe me when i said i dont look pale and he said i put make up thats why i look so pale... lolx

conclusion, i look pale.
but i dont think so hmmmph


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