Saturday, 15 November 2008

last night

i dreamt,

i was having meal in Asia Cafe somewhere early morning. A few tables away, there was this group of young people. i happen to know the two people but we don't talk anymore so i didnt say hi or anything. they didnt know i was there anyway. then as i was having my food, i saw them counting plates at their table. a huge stack of plates.

then that night in msn, i somehow chatted with one of them. i asked him what were they counting in asia cafe so early in the morning... he said, his fren ate a record breaking of 140 pau(s). i think i was speechless..

i think this is the most memorable and weirdest dream this month. i mean, how can someone have 140 pau(s) in one go??

*i dreamt of pau because i believe i was hungry.
+i slept late the night before and i was really hungrey before i slept.

*asia cafe is because i was there having breakfast alone for two consequtive days because i hate to step into college so much.
+they freaking check everyone's ID.
+i dont pay for u to check my ID thank you.

*the bunch of people
+is totally random

*why 140 pau(s)??
+its random too i think, unless i secretly misses eating pau..

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