Tuesday, 16 December 2008

vista or xp?? i... i.. cant decide wth


i hate making decisions .
i hate this, this and that... (points to non-existing stuff)

right now, today, i finally made up my mind to Reformat my lapppie..
okayyyy, what's the big prob?

i went to ming and wanted to reformat there and they said it costs rm75 just to reformat.
then i went home and called sp and she said its expensive.
okayyyy, so i went to another shop and ask, the fella said that it cost rm50 to reformat.

owh ya, ming gave me a price for the ram. i wanted to upgrade my ram so i could use my genuine vista.
buttttttt, the other shop, they said that its not that advisable to use vista because horrrr, its not stable.

SO, this is my bIG proob...

vista or xp?

hahhaha i've now espaced home, trying to think real hard in mcd..
have to make up my mind before my batt dry because horrrr,
i am going to reformat right after this wakakakak...

ish im going crazy..
i hate thinking..

oh ya, orange mcfizz is realllllllllllly nice yo...

owh yaaa, i think, mcd has officially become manjung's starbucks...
so many ppl come online here leiii.. and im one of those 5% chinese here.. (if that chinese couple behind me havent left yet..)

okkkkaayyyy, ish..



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