Wednesday, 10 December 2008

makan makan makan

awwww, it's been like two weeks since my last post...

went back to sitiawan and had no internet there. i went to secret recipe for internet connection and also to *ahem* enjoy the ice lemon tea and cake there, mana tau the connection sucks like, err, accounting. lol.

i was happily enjoying their SLOW line and then they came over and ask whether i am using their wireless. yy said maybe they want to turn it off if im using it. wtf, really lei, a while after they ask horrrr, really no more connection lei.. wtf connection so bad. CEH! no more going to secret recipe in sitiawan unless its life or death.

McD has MORE customers and BEttER wireless connection there.. lolx.. but hor, damn far lei that mcd, why la they go build half way to lumut...cei..

anyway, since im back, i've gained weight. been hiding at home, sleeping and eating is my main activity. not much TV, just sleeping. dont even have chance to watch TV, and i had nothing better to do, so my only choice is just to SLeep..hmmmph

two weeks in sitiawan, then came to penang last friday. supposed to go back yesterday. but then because of some people i had to change my plan and go back two days later... or maybe three.. suan lorrr, i go back also nothing to do...

owh ya, i finish reading twilight in about 3 days and i cannot get New Moon and Eclipse because too many ppl going after the books after they watch twilight. i had yet to watch the movie, so cham le no ppl teman me go watch and the stupid sitiawan cinema prefers to show Quarantine than Twilight, wtf i think more ppl will go and watch Twilight than Quarantine lo.

since the day i came to penang, i've been eating non stop, even last night, oh my gosh, we had like muah chee, some big long sausage with jagung, some french food, fried mee suah, some kind of chicken rice, iced coffee, and popiah. 3 people eating like six plates of food. and i am like the biggest eater cause dad wasnt there. lol. and the other day, i had lunch and then i went out to secret recipe again, and i had the biggest cake there.. lol...

ohh ya, i finally saw tiffy after like one whole year, and didnt get to meet wen xin cause some change in plans. and then, i missed pc fair cause hor, i cant stop sneezing that day wtf.

today was rather quiet and peaceful, only had lunch in mahattan fish market and dinner in sakae sushi.

tomorrow, i am going to explore pulau tikus. gonna have breakfast there and then lepak for a while and then lunch and then wait for some people to call and then fetch that some people and then come back. then mum says maybe tomorrow night will be going for tom yam. TOM YAM!!!!!!!

hehehe... just finish doing my homework. errr, as in looking at penang map. have to find my way around pulau tikus myself and dad is not around sooooooooo, wish me luck!

gotta go sleep and then go for half day makan trip tml =)

oh ya, i was only here for like TWO days and i already gained weight lei.. i dont even dare to look at the weighing machine this few days. make myself feel so guilty. like eating too much. but then, is not like i always come here also, and Life is to be Enjoyed! hehehehe

miss chou, sorry ler,i haven reload my hotlink so couldnt reply ler...

and i am so glad i wasnt staying here in pg this year. it would be a torture, like before. =.=""

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