Thursday, 26 March 2009

im trying to write an essay! *eyes rolled*

hehe its the time of the (day) again. when i have nothing to do in college and i end up in blogger. hehehe. well, i came into Sunway last Friday, 20th March. well, i was quite sure bout Help before, but then i changed my mind after i compared the subjects offered by both the unis. Sunway's more attractive, not so business-ish so, here i am.

btw, the comp here sucks. dammmmm slow.. but at least i get to go on internet... ^^

well, class started this monday, 23rd march.
it was ok. i just got to know that i had to do Introduction to Statistics when i came in here. i actually thought (convincing myself) that i only had to do stats in the second semester.
i got in here with conditional offer. so i had to pass my first semester in one go. wish me luck!

during the first intro to psychology class, i sms-ed sp and said "i love psychology"...heheh hope that "love" will last to de end or im doomed...wednesday is the best day ever... i only have class at 11am to 12.30pm.. but i do have to come early about 8 tho... what did i do with my spare time yesterday?? looking for parking and also went to the computer lab to finish the STATS assignment..heheh yeah stats...btw, my text book is called Stats without Math.. so i guess it should be ok gua.. and also since its partly tought using a computer software.. so its just click click click.. =) hehehe i think im saying good things bout stats because its only the first class...the good thing bout wednesdays is, its only 4 weeks ^^....

hehehe i dont know where i can blog in the library anot leh...
btw, every corner i turn in this coll, i see a cctv.. kinda creepy.. cause have to try and not do any stupid things.. =(

btw, the sad thing here is, life in class is pretty much alone.. as in, i sit alone...sometimes..

today's timetable is the most hectic of all.. class from 8.30am right till 5.30 am.. of couse i do have 3 hours break in between..right now im trying to survive the long 2 hours break.. =.=

plurk doesnt load here.. sucks..

double research methods class today.. so instead of two different days for this subject, i decide to complete it in one day and have a real break on friday.. ^^.


i keep doing this emotion online recently ^^
gosh, dunno get influenced by who de... haiiiih...


sighhhhh its still so early.. =.=... what the hell am i supposed to do after this???

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