Saturday, 28 March 2009

im trying to get use to 3 days weekends

i woke up around 10.10am today thanks to the alarm.. slept bout 4am last night.. dunno why i dun feel like sleeping altho i was sleepy.. weird.. hehe..

then shower e went to pyramid.. by the time i go out already bout 11 plus liao.. before i turn in the highway, i decide to u turn back to check whether i had closed the gates anot.. lol.. i know i did close it.. but there's this feeling.. i had to go back and see with my own two small eyes before i can 'an xin'.. hehehe.. is this considered as OCD?.. hope not la..

then went to pyramid, thought want to shop a bit and also go popular buy files and papers.. the first thing i did when i reach sunway is.. go to the toilet.. hehehe. i dont know why but this is the habit i form since last year.. everytime i go down from the escalator, i have to turn right and go to the nearest washroom there.. even if its just to look at the mirrors or to wet my hands for no reason.. heheheh..

then went to popular.. got 50% discount le on second book.. but its only for some book.. they're quite interesting tho.. didnt buy it cause i wanted to save money.. and i know i dont have time to read it.. then walk from aisle to aisle.. even looked at motivational books.. thats how bored i am.. looked at foreign languages books.. fictions.. best sellers.. bla bla bla.. magazines.. went to ask whether they have 'the measure of a man' there.. what the.. whole popular dun have.. they only have it in *smaller towns*, which is terengganu and seremban.. wth.. ask me go so far buy one book mer?? then suan liao i dont want liao..

then continue walking and looking from aisle to aisle.. then saw suduko book.. thought it can help to activate my dead brain cells a bit.. so i bought it.. quite cheap its only rm4.90.. then i saw chinese zodiac book.. stood there and read a bit.. then saw malaysian authors books on a special rack.. then bout one.. coffee table something.. cannot remember the title..

then went to buy some files and papers.. i thought of buying one for each major subject im taking.. but then im so kiam siap, i bought only 2.. heheh share share.. then went to ss15 mcd drivethru.. wtf, drivethru also can jam.. suan le dun wan eat edi.. original plan is to go AC to eat pan mien.. but then i can eat that when got ppl teman me.. lazy go alone.. so hard find parking there also.. after seeing so many cars at drivethru, i came back and cook maggi mee.. ^^.. sighhhhhhh.. no fun de.. so hungry edi oni got maggi mee eat.. sighhhhhhhh.. then now online and also reading newspaper..

sighhh.. really need to go and buy the text books edi.. assignments come in faster than my brain could process information.. right now, there's a poster assignment for intro to psycho, finished intro to stats assignment, i heard study skills there's an essay (which i cannot recall the lec said anything bout it), look for job vacancy in newspaper for english for psycho, dont think there's anything for research methods(yet).. biggest headache is the poster assignment.. where am i supposed to start.. i cant use photoshop(too dumb), im not creative, and i cant draw anything except pig, tortoise, bee, flower, sun, star, moon, house. sigh.

creative ideas are welcomed!!

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