Friday, 17 April 2009

4 assignments in a week, emotionally and physically drained

thursday is hell.

had 3 assignments to hand in on the same day.

research method's citation.

study skills academic writing (due today).

spss answers.

there's another assignment.
reaction essay for english (due today).

if i could finish it i would have hand it in yesterday, but as of yesterday evening, i was still half way thru.

started only the first paragraph the whole morning, random points were inserted in the afternoon, and bout 2.30pm, there's only 300 random words which i showed my lecturer.

i know its a bit stupid to show your lecturer unfinished work at that time that its so close to the deadline.

but i need to know whether i am in the right track or not.

this essay could have been better i'd say.
i know this is not the nicest one. its kinda sucky.
cause i didnt know how to start and what to write.

even till the last minute, there were no ideas.
blame it on the almost half year break that made me forget how to write an essay.

that made me forget how to write in english.

that made me forget how to cite (i'd rather not remember this one).

when i got back to finish up my essay,
i was already very tired.
i remember doing my conclusion half asleep. thats how tired i am.
some sentences in the conclusion dont make sense at all.
nasib baik i still can realise. before sending it to june. ^^

but still, thursday wasn't that bad.
could have been worse *touch wood*.

it was also soft toys day.
even lecturers came out with their soft toys. ^^

group picture with seniors. there are more people with big toys. dont know why they're not here.

this picture looks a bit wrong.
if u get what i mean.


LyNn said...

my patrick!
haha but i have a new soft toy today.
so darn adorable.
i'll bet you'll fall in love too :P

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

and my mashimaro...!! heheh im not that into mashimaro.. i just like the toilet pump on its head.. ^^.
what toy?? i wan seeeee!!

LyNn said...

haha its the mr. happy from the mr men. and little miss series.
you know bosini got sell one?
its a huge smiley with short hands and cute booty! <3

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

errr.. i think i saw before.. or not.. not sure leh... take picture la.. show me on monday =) heheh