Wednesday, 15 April 2009

no mickey-ing anymore

short update today:

today is my last study skills class... feels like its over very fast.. no lecture today, just an assignment on reflective writing. we were given one hour to answer 3 questions, total 300words. after the class, i went to pyramid to look for my mickey... but then i went to two different places to ask for prices and both places give me prices higher than my budget... feel like not worth it if i buy it at rm 99 and rm 138, for a 2gb mickey...

went to buy herbal eggs and gui lin gao before i came home... had two eggs, gui lin gao, some cakes and bananas for lunch... i think can consider heavy meal edi ba...

i am thinking whether should i or should i not go back this weekend. if i dont go back im sure i cant study here also... and if i go back i have one less chore to do which is laundry... if i do my laundry here, then i would spent whole day walking in and out to check whether it's dry or not and also have to avoid rain..

then if i go home, there wont be any tv for me to watch cause grandma will sure have her shows from morning till night...

its the choice between:

A: dark place, but quiet surrounding, stress exist
B: bright place, but noisy surrounding, stress also exist



LyNn said...

damn sad la
now i got no mickey to play with :(

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

dun sad la..
i will find another cheap toy soon =)
lets hope so.. hehe.. anyways mickey is a bit outdated.. the fella selling was telling me..
"this is OLD stock"

LyNn said...

he cannot get stock anymore say la.
but damn cute right.
imagine you press the ear for volume.
or something :P

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

turn the ears.. one ear for volume and another ear for tracks hehehe