Wednesday, 29 April 2009

crap post

psst, i have a music playlist at the left bar. *if you haven't notice*
it's special cause, it plays you tube videos and i have chosen about 20+ songs for this chinese song playlist. i have it on shuffle mode, so everytime u come, it's gonna play different songs.
not that many come to see my crap, but yeah... it's for myself to listen too...
kk, i'll cut the CRAP.

shiet, now i forgot what's the actual purpose i'm writing this post.

owh ya, i have class only at 12.30pm tomorrow, but i'm going at normal time, means reach around 8am. gonna have breakfast, and then go to do my unfinished work.

namely, english for psychology's research outline and also annotated bibliography, and introduction to statistics's spss and the manual calculation.

i just decided on my research topic like, say, 2 hours ago? and the dateline is tomorrow, yeah. this is me, the last minute person. i thought i wont be doing anymore research for english after i leave sam, but then, i will have to do it all over again, without a recycled draft, outline, biblio, whatever.

anyways, this post is to talk about, i have 4 hours free before class tml : )
should be able to go late, but due to my last minute attitude, la la la, here i am, i've been stalling since i got connected to the internet stable-ly*dunno spelling*

let me go on. unrelated topic.

this morning i went to college to collect data. thank you very much to those who agreed to do my survey and also being sporting enough to disclose your height and weight*sensative maaa* not everyone is willing to write it down for a stranger, but for those who really did, i really thank you.

i went during the morning, and i ended up with only bout 9 samples. out of 25. still looong way to go.

started in the cafeteria, then the foyer, and then the library. then spent some time online-ing in the library, before heading to cafeteria to meet with sp and fren*scare spell wrong*, and they waited for me to finsih lunch.

came home, drop by to pay for my car insurance and road tax, waited quite long for the system to work. in the end, it didn't really work.

when i came home, i was reallly tired, so i went to sleep at 1.56pm. air cond guys came at 2 something, so when i woke up to open the door, i felt like i had just taken a high dosage of cough medicine. feeling really blur, heavy, and i dont know what was i doing.

they were doing work in the house, so i cant sleep. so i turn on lappy to online. till night, i had a coffee. hoping that i can actually stay awake a bit later today. and so yeah, i found sources, but am so lazy to read them. so i end up HERE and facebook.

it's like, i really hate it when its quiet. when i dont have songs playing. but when i have songs playing, i cant read and understand properly.

this is call " ting yie bu shi, bu ting yie bu shi"


ps: i noticed i have become more and more cheong hei. i remember writing crap post last time, but not as neat as this. and not as long as this. i think. all my post lately is of long winded post, rather than the short one.

i think its a sign. i'm getting old.
yes, its a sign.

going through final days of my TEENage years. *emo-ing*

less than two more months to go. before im an adult. omg. A-D-U-L-T.
the word scare me. what have i done in the past 19 years of my life?

besides the #1 in class i got in Std 3, i cant remember anything else that i or my family can be proud of. and that #1 is simply because i was in the last class in the whole standard due to a very very bad result during end of the year in Std 2.

i want to do something different before i hit big 2-0.
something i had never done before.

any suggestions?

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