Monday, 27 April 2009

monday blues

i dont blog daily (yet), but today is such a bad day, i have to record it in my Virtual Diary.

it all started a few minutes after the clock strike 12am. i changed my facebook status to

"monday blues... hates mondays..."

i guess this is all where it started...

*not important* this morning i went to college, have discussion only at 10am, but i reach at 7.51am. although i left the house at only 7.25am. got lots of parking still in the college. so i went in.

*the bad thing*
first, i wanted to go to the CLC for the computers, but there were class.
then, secondly, its quite embarrasing scene in the library. i was shocked and so were everyone else. i think.
thirdly, i am really really sorry to my seniors, for wasting their time and letting them down, i chickened out at the very last minute. i got blank when i went inside. thanks to not preparing the night before and also thanks for stage fright.
by that time, i feel really bad already. i still feel bad in class.
then, after class i went to have dinner at medan, nothing bad happen.
then i went back to my car, wtf, i see branches beside my car. near the door.
wanted to take a picture of it, but i was too lazy to take my camera out. so i just kicked the branches sideways and went into the car. i notice there's something wrong with the side mirror, like someone pushed it hard. it's looking too much downwards. weird. ignored all the signs and continue to drive home. notice some weird sounds. ignored it and continue driving. at sunway medical's junction, there's this red car suddenly come out, and almost knocked into me. wtf. fucktard(fucking retard) driver. i didnt honk at him cause i was busy avoiding him, and i usually drive with one hand, and also, i was darn tired so my reflex wasnt that fast.

then, when i reached some, i realised there's some really deep scratch on the roof of my car... i went into the house, took the camera and a phone, went out and took picture... there's a few scratches, the biggest one stretches till 5 to 6 cm wide. it looks like my car is transforming into a black zebra or something. then, after that, i inspected the other parts of the car also, wtf, there are more scratches, some even left a lil dent. scratch till so hard lehhhhh...

i sam tong loh. what la is happening to me today. is like everything bad happens today. and its a monday. wtf. sighh.

the leftover culprit. din manage to escape with the bigger branches on my way home.

see, look like zebra ass anot??

it's this long. using my keys as a measurement tool.

another deep scratch.
got dent somemore leh. walaoeh.
baby is not even 1 year old.
already kena torture like this. sighh.


LyNn said...

whoa. damn siong leh.
stupid branch.
haha i also bang branch before.
cause i driving damn fast then couldnt avoid in time.

pang! scary sial
after that i quickly go down check.
luckily not my car

żħї~qїňg said...

i not bang branch. the branch bang me. =(
sighhh... teruk betul... thats why that time i feel weird cause there are lots of branches beside my car.. have to kick them away to even open the door...

i think if i complain to security also useless lo... "Park at Your Own Risk" and "Natural Causes".

LyNn said...

haha. balut your car lor.
there those covers thingy :P

żħї~qїňg said...

ha-ha. like so... paranoid or something