Wednesday, 22 April 2009

it's a day off

today is Wednesday, and i have no class today. previously, i had to go as early as 7.10am and reach college at 7.50am and wait for the 11am class. but all that ended last week, and starting from this week, i only have 3 days of class. the timetable is quite pack though.

well, i'm used to waking up very early in the morning, so i woke up at 8.14am today. the first thing i did was to turn on my laptop, and i had been reading blog ever since. and now is 4.18pm. my plan was to read up Study Skills for the exam this Saturday. i guess i'm the only one who's wasting time like this.

i added a new application in facebook. its also by playfish, its called restaurant city. i've been pet society-ing the whole morning too.

actually the purpose of this post is to cover the last post. it's a bit too negative to stay as the first post people see when people visits. im not saying there's anyone who comes. but still. who knows. he he.

i've changed my blog layout this morning too. many didnt work properly. and im lucky to find one that's so red. so lucky. lol. why so lucky to find one so red? i dont know.

all i know is i'm very tired now and i am going to sleep after i finish writing this piece.

sigh, someone, anyone please tell me you didnt study for study skills. sighhh... i'm a Certified Procasinator.

ps: the big ugly bandage is still on my toe. i can see de dead nail is coming up. not off. dont dare to cut if off yet. cause part of it still attached to the real nail. sighh.. gotta put bandage on till nail grows out long enough. pleeease grow properly k. dont want to cabut off my nail for no reason..


Anonymous said...

that's wat i'm doing at home too.. **malu**
so, u r juz doing fine..hehehe

LyNn said...

aiyo i also havnt start laaa :'(

eh you dont itchy finger touch your toe ok!
very pain one aaa

żħї~qїňg said...

ling yee, hehehe u dah habis study..of cox u nothing to do lorrr...

lynn, i was online for 10 hours straight today..sighh.. i wont touch the toe la... scary leh later the flesh come out he he