Tuesday, 21 April 2009

sighh, sucky broadband

What the fuck, Celcom Broadband is so damn fucking sucky.. I paid rm98 per month to make myself vomit blood lo.. wtf..

See, it says I can get maximum bandwidth of 3.6Mbps when I take up the Rm98/month plan. But now, see what the fuck is that. 236.8Kbps. what the fuck right… now what era edi. Still got connection go as slow as this de mer… can’t even load my home page leh.. And I use GOOGLE as my homepage. What the fuck so damn stupid, even Google also cannot load..

Then when I called up customer service, they only ask me to troubleshoot. What the fuck din even explain how to fucking troubleshoot this fucking giant pen drive looking modem.. I don’t see the word troubleshoot anywhere lo.. You think I know everything is it. If I know everything then I no need call customer service edi lo. U think I so damn free is it. And I so damn rich is it. What the fuck.. Waste my credit nia.. Then ask me to take out the sim card then put back then slot it in a different usb slot.. walaoeh.. All the five fucking holes in my laptop all I slot before edi… all I got same result la wtf…

Even use the cable provided also useless.Some more write at the manual there… use cable for better connection.. My FOOT la… fucktards…

I damn hot weh now.Stupid de. do u fucking know how fucking depressing is it not being able to go online despite paying so much… really really depressing de ok... it’s like putting your hopes up high, then suddenly it came crashing down like nobody’s business.. It’s like a person who loves being outdoor, loves adventure, loves to be free got paralyzed and then one day there’s hope to get better, but then its false hope…

Do you fucking know how damn stupid I feel now…

Every day I wasted all my free time just to connect to the internet.. But in the end, I still can’t. I never give up, but what the fuck, u gave me high hopes, and big disappointments.

I’m seriously disappointed. And frustrated. And I really do feel like vomiting blood. How I wish I could. Then I can sue Celcom for causing me emotional distress, and causes harm to my health.

I just want to read blogs. Is that too much to ask?

I just want to check my mail, check blackboard for Assignments. Is it tooooo much? It’s not like I’m going online to commit a crime or something.

Do you know how frustrating it is to see that I’ve signed in msn, but then two seconds after that, even before I can see who’s online, it got disconnected again. Do you know how frustrating it is to see how difficult it is to load even google. Its like watching horse race, its pushing to its limits, it’s reaching the line, but, suddenly the horse got an heart attack and died on the spot. It’s so near to winning. But then, it died. Before reaching the finish line. Do you know how it feels? The fear that the page wont load properly. Especially when you’re doing something important such as online transactions, and also Facebook. Mygosh, I would die one day without facebook.

Why? Why do you have to torture me like this? Have you had enough? Do u think I haven have enough stress already?

Sigh, I had put my trust in u. but in the end, u still disappoint me. I thought u were different. I was wrong. You were the same with the others. Sigh.

Btw, u have rude customer service. I let it go because it’s late at night and everyone is cranky. But. There’s a line. & customer is always right.


LyNn said...

convert to P1 wimax or maxis broadband la.
haha i think its better.
i tried the celcom one before.
my bf mum geh gao get one.
lousy like shit.
gimme also i dont want!

ŦżėĆħīňġ said...

last year i use maxis before.. suck like shit also.. cant use at all.. my uncle got the big modem one.. the wireless one.. the first few days its quite good, but then after that.. sighh..

LyNn said...

use streamyx only la :P
haha. but i heard pi wimax not bad

żħї~qїňg said...

heard bout that.. but not reaally sure how they work..