Saturday, 16 May 2009

Carmen's 1st Birthday


it seems like it's just yesterday when i got the call.

May16, 2008
i went to college earlier than usual, and went to MAC to buy soya bean. the line was baaad in the shop, and then i got a call from YY. she told me "wo shen liao", it was too early and i am a bit slower than i was usually, so i said "HARRR? WHAT??".

it went on for quite a while(i think she must be cursing me already by the time i get what she said, hehe). "It's around 7.15am - 7.30am in the morning, how alert do you think i am?"

well, this little girl is the culprit which made us upgrade our status to become 'aunty'. I insist on 'jie jie', can? hehe. she has grown so much. the last time i saw her, she was only 3 months old, and now, she's a year old. i saw her a week earlier before her birthday party, and gosh i didnt think they look the same. she has grown so much, and but her eyes is still as big as ever. i dont know what to say anymore, but just a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carmen.

less than a month old.
wrapped up like a present.
such a cutie.

carmen when she's about 3 months old, and yes, i was carrying her.
look at those BIG eyes.


pixiepixie said...

haha. share same bday with me. not bad lol

żħї~qїňg said...

ha ha yeah the same birthday.. ^^